Ryan M. Andrews - WRITER & DIRECTOR

Born and raised in Chatham, Ontario, Ryan M. Andrews grew up with a love for storytelling, which later developed into a passion for creating films. Having studied film production at Niagara College and Trebas Institute in Toronto, he graduated at the top of his class and has since paved his own way in the competitive and collaborative world of filmmaking.


For script writing, Andrews credits L.A. producer Richard Finney (Carver, 100 Girls) and actress Brooke D' Orsay (Royal Pains, Two & A Half Men) for providing the guidance needed to become the writer he is today. This earned him writing jobs in the industry and recognition from his peers as "a writer that's a cut above the rest."


After numerous short films, Andrews wrote and directed his first feature film, THE ART OF INFAMY, in 2006. Being one step ahead of the curve, Andrews' film depicted what has become known as the 'found footage' style of filmmaking, long beforeCloverfield, Paranormal Activity and so many others oversaturated the genre. The film was noticed by one of the top leading brands in horror, Fangoria Magazine, who screened the feature throughout the USA on FangoriaTV. Always wanting to switch things up and offer something new to the genre that he loves, Andrews' second, award-winning feature A NEW DESIGN, gave fans an art-house, noir style film to delve into. His third award-winning feature BLACK EVE pays homage to the slasher films of his youth and is currently available on DVD.


Andrews' previous feature, SICK, took the festival circuit by storm winning multiple awards including "Audience Choice for Best Feature" and "Best Director" at New York's 3rd Macabre Faire Film Festival. The film was picked up for distribution and is currently available on DVD.

Jessica Cameron - PRODUCER

Hailing from Owen Sound, Ontario, this rising Scream Queen, now residing in Los Angeles, has starred in over 50 projects including music videos, broadcast television and feature films. Her credits include horror hits such has SILENT NIGHT and ROGER CORMAN PRESENTS CAMEL SPIDERS. In 2013 Cameron stepped into, and found success at, the production side of the business co-writing, producing and directing the extremely popular horror film TRUTH OR DARE.


Along with her acting talents, Cameron is lending her marketing knowledge and social networking know-how to promote SAVE YOURSELF. She is a regular celebrity attendee to industry and horrorrelated events and conventions and is highly devoted to her wide and growing fan base. Cameron plays the role of Kim Tobin, the energetic 'girl-next-door' and lead actress among the group of young female filmmakers.

Emma Jean Sutherland - PRODUCER

Emma began working in film as an actor and over the last several years has developed a passion for writing and producing. She’s an active member of the Friction Film Collective and a contributor to Wallflower films. Among producing several short films which she has written, most recently she produced EXXQUISITE, directed by Sara Basso, which screened at this year’s Reel World Film Festival. Emma has a passion for micro budget film production, horror, and Canadian film.


Blade Runner, The Exorcist, Apocalypse Now, Eraserhead, and The Road Warrior are among the films that sparked Michael's imagination  early on in his life. He still carries that excitement and sense of wonder in his work today.


Michael is a professional with diverse artistic influences. He is a published writer for Fangoria, an internationally distributed US film magazine.  With a post secondary education in Multimedia Theory and Production, coupled with film production training he thrive on today’s film and television production challenges. Michael is passionate in his work with producers and directors that seek a fearless collaborator to bring their vision to the screen in new and exciting ways.


His specialties include Horror / Action / Thriller / Suspense / Crime drama & low key lighting.

Michael's mission is to be fiscally responsible to producers while delivering the director’s vision to the grade as well as to capture the most compelling footage with the utmost concern for team safety.

Mitchell Lackie - WRITER

Mitchell brings with him more than 25 years of experience in film, theater, radio and television, working both in front of and behind the camera. Mitchell has worked as an editor with directors George Romero, Ernie Barbarash, Morgan J. Freeman, Robert Budreau, Steve DiMarco, and numerous others.


He is the editor behind the award-winning films Man of Substance, Esther, Baby & Me and Close Your Eyes as well as Jacob Tierney’s critically acclaimed Twist starring Nick Stahl (Terminator 3) and Joshua Close (K-19: The Widowmaker). More recently, Mitchell has been writing and creating originally scripted content, several of which of been optioned of late.


Pino started his career in the entertainment industry as a musician while enrolled in Science at York University. Upon graduation Pino combined a passion for music with a love for science and technology by studying Audio Engineering at the Trebas Institute of Recording Arts and freelancing at studios throughout Toronto including Cherry Beach Studios, Sony, CBC, Puck's Farm Studio, and Sound's Interchange (now Technicolor).


After gaining experience in the field, Pino returned to Trebas to teach Engineering and Post-Production theory and practice and formed his first post-production company, ph Level Productions, with a mandate to provide professional recording, editorial, and mixing services for independent filmmakers — many of whom have grown within the industry and continue to work with Pino to this day.


In 2000, Pino joined the sound department of Deluxe Toronto to oversee the integration of Digital Workstations into their traditional analog mixing stages. Together, the team launched some of Canada's first premiere digital mixing theatres. Pino holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business and co-founded Post City Sound Inc., a leading post-production facility with credits including the worldwide hit series Little Mosque on the Prairie, the critically- acclaimed series Call Me Fitz — a Genie Award winner for Best Sound, and the Genie Award-Winning series Durham County, along with many other award-winning film and television titles.




Allen has over 35 years experience in Toronto's film and television post-production community and a long history with some of Canada's biggest names and post-services facilities including Mirrophonic Sound, Pathe Sound, Film House and Deluxe Toronto.


Allen has been an integral component in the completion of many Feature films and some of Canada's most successful television series from Due South, La Femme Nikita, Mutant X, Total Recall 2010 to recently Little Mosque on the Prairie and Call Me Fitz. His past credits also include many American series shot in Toronto including ESPN's Playmakers, ABC's Monk and CBS's Veritas.


With Thirteen nominations. Five Geminis, and a recent Canadian Screen Award for Best Sound for HBO's Call Me Fitz, Allen has a proven record for both creative and innovative sound mixing.


In 2004 after 17 years at Deluxe Toronto, Allen left his position as Director of Television Sound Services and started Post City Sound, a full service post production facility.


Allen's exposure working with some of the best talents in Canada in both Production and Post is now using that experience to help Independent Filmmakers in the role of Executive Producer. Sharing his creative visions with filmmakers like Shauna MacDonald and Kate Johnston "Tru Love" and Jupiter J. Makins "Bigfoot and the Burtons".



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